Tonight as my cousins and I were preparing the "mother day dinner" we hit a few road blocks. The feta cheese appetizer was a disaster, the corn needed to be cooked, the gnocci looked like creepy meatballs of some sort, I couldnt figure out how to cut a watermelon properly, and the meal came together haphazardly at the last minute - the reason i'm telling you all this is because tonight we all realized one very obvious truth - we need our mothers.

Moms are important people. Not only do they endure extreme amounts of pain to bring us into the world (I can say this for I witnessed my nieces birth) but they also help us with pretty much every step of life - from little to small. I know that as I get older, I am slowly beginning to realize all that my mother has done, and continues to do in my life. I thank the Lord for allowing me to be raised under her care, love, support, and wisdom. From little moments, to big moments, simple moments on the couch or in the kitched, to big moments at graduations and weddings - my mom has been through it all. Shes stood there with such understadning, such grace, such wisdom, such endurance, strenght, and beauty and I respect her deeply for that.

So, happy mothers day mom. Thank you for the way you have blessed us children and loved us unconditionally. And also, a special shout out to all those mothers in my life- aunties, sisters, grandmothers...and especially my few friends who are welcoming babies this year :) I am honored to learn from your love and motherhood.

Praise God for Mothers!

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