c o l l e g e

(Here I am...in my 3hr Wednesday night class. Got my backpack, most comfortable shoes on, the best coffee tumbler ever, and a banana for energy when I hit that 1.5hr wall.)

To be honest, I absolutely love college. I am a college person. I thrive off of the amount of people you have the capacity to see in one day. I thrive off of the books we get to read. I thrive off of the freedom and creativity we have in projects. I thrive off of the scheduling and the daily routine. I truly love college.  So here I am..about to register for my last semester here at APU...uhhhmmm whaaat???

Wasnt I just a freshman? Didn't I just move here? whoaaaa buddy. slow it dowwwwn.
lucky for me, I have a lot to keep my mind off the fact that I will be graduating in about 7 months.
Mid-terms are in full force here on campus...and I am diving in head first. My classes this semester are by no means easy...and I have a lot ahead of me. But you know...papers get done, projects get accomplished, presentations happen...and semester after semester - I survive.

Anyway, Im mostly writing this to avoid the homework that I should be working on (hah, typical).
But college is rad. It really is. And I just get pumped every time I think about how many blessings are in my daily life. Life is so so good and Jesus rocks. foreal.

to end with a quote I absolutely LOVE-->

"The moment we make up our minds that we are going on with this determination to exalt God over all, we step out of the world's parade" - Tozer 

**I love that visual...of a massive parade happening where everyone is following and they dont even know why, and that moment happens when we make up our mind that we WILL EXALT CHRIST over all..and we physically step out of that line, of that flow of meaningless mediocracy...and step into His will for us. WHAT FREEDOM!! 


  1. You have been blessed, you are being blessed, and you will continue to be blessed. You are special!

  2. Tozer's quote reminds me of the painting in the Yellow Deli's bathroom.