reunited: dland style.

 NOTHIN like being reunited with these three. 
spent saturday @ dland catching up
we're getting old... but some things never change (see below)
Tower of Terror circa...2006? As you can see...I am clearly hating life.
and dani, rye, and stac are all reaping the benefits of my anguish.
things I do for friends.
fast forward to present day...

...and I still hate this ride!!! clearly, I am not enjoying my time
and once again...they are just having a grand ol' time with it. 
it's crazy how fast time goes.
but so thankful for friends and for days like this!!!


  1. Once upon a time you LOVED that ride. Funny how things change.

  2. Did you edit the last picture? It looks cool! Had fun on Saturday, love you guys!!